Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lazy Day Tag!

I'd like to tell you before hand that on my lazy days i do barely anything except watch Netflix and sleep.

1. What is your lazy day skin care routine?
My skincare routine is the same as it would be on a normal day. I use my Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser, Lush's Breath of Fresh Air toner water, and as a moisturizer I use the Burt's Bees Intense Hydration day lotion.

2. What is your lazy day makeup?
Usually on a lazy day I will play with makeup because thats what relaxes me. If I do need to go anywhere that day and I feel like wearing some makeup it is usually use my Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes, Mary Kay concealer, NYX Rose Garden blush, Benefit's They're Real mascara.

3. What is your lazy day hairstyle?
A ponytail or a bun with a headband.

4. What is your lazy day outfit?
Like I said earlier I don't do much of anything on a lazy day so I usually stay in my pi's from Victoria's Secret Pink.

5. What is your lazy day scent?
Marc Jacobs Daisy

6. What is your lazy day pampering product/routine?
If I do decide to pamper myself I will use my Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

7. What is your lazy day snack/food?

8. What is your lazy day drink?
Usually I will just make myself a smoothie with a mix of any fruits that I have and cranberry or orange juice.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag. I know it was something different than the ordinary ;) Are there any tags you guys would like me to do? leave me a comment down below!

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xoxo, Kiki

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  1. You do make the best "on the fly" smoothies I've ever had!