Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 13 of 2013! (Nail polishes)

(Left to right) OPI
1. OPI Polka . Com: a turquoise and fushia chunky glitter. If you love bright colors this is perfect for you. It's a clear based glitter that isn't super think. 

2. Lincoln Park After Dark: a dark vampy purple color. I don't wear black nail polishes but this is great because sometimes  I am looking for a color that is dark enough to look like a black color.

3. Lincoln Park After Midnight: the cousin to Lincoln Park After Dark. It's lighter and more purple looking. It has a big of a duo-chrome shimmery kinda look to it. 

4. I Theadora You: the perfect baby pink color that every girl needs in her collection. 

5. Manalga Wine: a little bit darker than a candy apple red. Another essential in a collection.

(Left to right) Essie 
6. Luxe effects in A Cut Above: rose gold colored glitter. I really like that you dong have to apply a top coat on top of this because then the polish becomes gloppy and messy and no one wants that after working so hard after painting your nails. 

7. Blanc: super opaque white. Another essential in a collection. 

8. Mint Candy Apple: during the doing and summer time this and like 3 other colors were the only colors I was wearing... LOL =) 

9. The Lace Is On: a super pretty duo chrome purple shimmery color. I love this color, it looks great when my nails are long. It's a great color to wear threw out the whole year. 

10. Chinchilly: a super basic grey color. It's opaque in two coats. Yet another essential. 

11. Midnight Cami: the blue version of The Lace Is On. It's another duo chrome blue with shimmery color. This color looks great on any nail length and it's a really pretty color for fall and winter. 

12. Formula X for Sephora polish in Obsessed: this is the color I thought that I was going to get when I bought Manalga Wine by OPI. Yes, I know a huge color difference but Obsessed is way lighter on the nails than it is in the bottle. 

13. Sinful Colors polish in Gold Medal: I love applying this color to my nails when all of my accesories are gold because it just adds that extra touch. 

What are your favorite nail polishes of 2013? Do you like or have any of these colors? You should defiantly go check me out on my social media ( especially Twitter) for updates and more product reviews =) 

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  1. Lincoln Park After Midnight and Luxe Effects are my go-to colors when I want something dark or something pink. Great recommendations!