Monday, August 26, 2013

Studying Tips and Tricks

Hey ! 
Sorry I haven't been here lately :( but today I wanted to give you guys my best tips and tricks on testing and on tests. Since it is the beginning of a new school year, I've decided to to call my back to school series Beauty and Brains. This is blog post number 1. Enough with the blabbing and lets get into it!


Studying and paying attention is the key to good grades!! Last year I was not studying. I was being super LAZY and I was not motivated. In order for me to stay motivated I am going to need you guys to help me out! You know what? We can help each other out! In order for that to happen I would like for you guys to tag me on Instagram with the hashtag beautybrainsandmotivation! But don't just post a pic of yourself, post a pic of your test or what motivates you! Thanks to all of you guys, this year I am a lot more motivated and I really want to do the best that I possibly can! Below I would like you to take all of the quizzes below and decide which type of learner you are.

How to know what type of learner you are: 

Do you
  • take numerous detailed notes?
  • like to sit in the front?
  • like to be  neat and clean?
  • often close your eyes to visualize or remember something?
  • find something to watch if you are bored?
  • benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color?
  • find yourself attracted to written or spoken language rich in imagery?
  • find passive surroundings ideal?
If you answered mostly yes, you are a visual learner! Visual learners learn best from what you see.

Do you 
  • sit where you can hear but don't pay attention to what is happening in the front of the class 
  • not coordinate colors or clothes, but can explain why you are wearing what you are wearing and why
  • hum or talk to yourself or others when bored?
  • acquire knowledge by reading aloud?
  • remember by verbalizing lessons to themselves (if they don't they have difficulty reading maps or diagrams or handling conceptual assignments like mathematics)?
If you answered yes, you are a audio learner! Audio learners like to learn from audio and video clips. 

Do you 
  • need to be active and take frequent breaks?
  • speak with your hands and with gestures?
  • remember what was done, but have difficulty recalling what was said or seen?
  • find reasons to tinker or move when bored?
  • rely on what you can directly experience or perform?
  • find that activities such as cooking, construction, engineering and art help you perceive and learn?
  • enjoy field trips and tasks that involve manipulating materials?
  • sit near the door or someplace else where you can easily get up and move around?
  • find yourself uncomfortable in classrooms where you lack opportunities for hands-on experience?
  •  appreciate physically expressed encouragement, such as a pat on the back?
If you answered yes, you are a kinesthetic  learner! Kinesthetic learners are very hands-on.

******Remember you can learn in more than one different way.******

Kinesthetic learners : 

Use flash cards! They will be your new BFF! They are super inexpensive and they are great for memorizing. Another way to study is in short blocks so don't cram the day before a test !!! If you are anything like me you will get bored studying so tap your pencil squeeze a stress ball do something but don't get too distracted!


For all you audio learners out there, this one involves an app. It comes with any of your i products! (iPhone,iPod,iPad) It is the Voice Memo. Yes, it is the blue app with the microphone on it. What I like to do is say what I need to rember (ex. vocab, poems, hw, etc...) then I play it back for myself. I usually listen to it when I am hanging out on a loop, in the shower, eating, and on my way to school. What that does is you start memorize the words after listening to it on repeat. Kinda like what happens when you listen to the same 5 songs on the radio over and over. Try to avoid any auditory distractions!! I know that I can't write an essay while listening to music because I cannot concentrate!! But if you can, do what ever works for you!!!


Using highlighters are great at making things colorful and brightening the important parts of the sentence. Another tool that is good to use are flash cards. Visual learners are able to use flash cards when writing diagrams and such. 

I hope you enjoyed post 1 of Beauty and Brains! Thanks for reading! 

XOXO Brainy Beauties, Kiki 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coconut Oil


             Before I decided to try coconut oil, I never understood what all the hype was about. I mean, I   thought of it as just an oil until about two washings ago! It all started when I decided to go to Walgreen's about a week ago to do my usual drugstore look around. I reached the vitamin section and the oil was just sitting on the top shelf calling my name!!! Pick me! Pick me! I couldn't resist. I needed to try out this "miracle oil". I mean, eh, what the heck? It's only $8.99 for 15 fl ounces. 

Until earlier this morning the oil was just sitting on my vanity next to all of the other beauty products I either need to try, don't use, or am about to finish up. I didn't have anything to do today so I decided to apply the oil. In about ten minutes I was all set!

What you'll need:

5 cotton balls
1 shower cap
coconut oil 
(If you have long hair you'll need something to separate your hair.)

Lets begin !

  1. Part your hair into four sections.
  2. Start off with one of the bottom sections of your hair.
  3. Dip the cotton ball in the oil and dab your scalp 
  4. After you saturate that section with oil massage it in for about 15 seconds (massaging is optional).
  5. With your finger tips scoop some of the oil into your hand and apply it down your hair to the tips. Make sure that you really focus on the section that is the most dry. For me that would have to be the tips. They REALLY needed some TLC LOL! 
  6. After the piece of hair is full of oil I threw it behind my shoulder because I don't like feeling my hair on my neck , but you can leave your hair where ever you'd like. 
  7. Repeat 'til you have cover your whole scalp. Now place your hair into a bun with one of the items you used to hold the sections . Remember it doesn't have to be perfect! 
  8. Put the shower cap on.


Now, for timing. The time is the most important part after the application LOL. As long as you keep it on for at least 30 minutes you'll be fine. I suggest keeping it on over night or from when you wake up till when you are going to get to bed. Now, if you are like me I don't like having things on my head especially when I am sleeping. I just kept my hair up for 4 hrs.

The Result


Probably the best part of the whole process! My hair has been feeling so soft and tangle free and I have washed it twice since the treatment!!!!! I, Kiki declare coconut oil a miracle oil!!!

Xoxo, Kiki