Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/29 Today's Thoughts


    Hey guys, so today I thought I do a little bit of self reflection on my day. 

     First thing I did today was make a grocery list. This probably sounds extremely boring but I actually have been dying to try out a lot of natural smoothies and juices so I do need to pick up some ingredients for that. I have been craving some salads lately so I do have spinach salad on my list strawberries, raspberries, Chia seeds, kale, pomegranate, and I want to try out the leas dark chocolate covered wavy potato chips. I know they aren't the best choice but there are some times are you do have to indulge and I am dying to see how the salty and sweet combination taste.

       I've had to indulge meals today so I think tomorrow I'm gonna try to eat a lot cleaner. For lunch I had some pizza with hot chocolate. By the way my favorite hot chocolate,  the Land O Lakes milk chocolate flavor. It's so great with just mixing about 7 ounces of hot water that I put in the Microwave for about 45 seconds so the water isn't super hot and then I add the mix. My local grocery store , they sell the packages 2 for $1. 

       For dinner I also had some leftover pizza. This is probably really random but I've been enjoying drinking a lot a lot of iced water. I honestly really like when my water is in a cute container because it motivates me to drink more water and the more you drink the better.

    You guys know I am embarking on a fitness journey. I know I could never be the type of person that eats absolutely no sugar because I think that's just insane. But I do think it's ok to indulge every so often to stay on track. This month my favorite cheat meal or cheat drink has been and the Land O Lakes milk chocolate hot chocolate that I mentioned before. BTW,  if you guys know of a brand that sells super yummy healthy junk food let me know in the comments! 

       Hopefully tomorrow I will do another one of these post just talking about my day and things I have been thinking about. Tomorrow I will be going to see the Hunger Games Mockingjay part one and hopefully I'll go grocery shopping for some of those items I mentioned before  for my smoothies
(P.S. yes I know my collage has NOTHING to do with this post but I really like the way it came out) 
XOXO, Kiki

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Thoughts On Running!

Helllooooooo friends!
How's your day been? I've been TRYING to eat healthier but its hard. So I'm going to try to re-motivate my self by talking about fitness a little more.

I've really been enjoying going on runs after school or even just to relive stress and it really has been a nice way to just vent. A lot of you may be thinking that I'm absolutely crazy!! (I'm not crazy I swear but let me explain)  At first I used to HATE running and I don't really hate many things but that was one of them. On youtube I was seeing a lot of people doing fitness routines and they would talk about how much they loved running and how it was such a great stress reliever. It honestly is. At first I didn't really like it but I started telling myself that I did and I kept telling myself all of the benefits and how its really good for my heart. Well now whenever I can go for a run I do. I'll admit, I'm not the best runner honestly I don't even full on run. I just jog and walk. I've found that just going on a short jog a few times a week has built up my strength and endurance.

My favorite app to track how far I'm running is the nike running app. It tells you the distance of your run, how long you ran, how many runs you have gon, heart rate (if you have the Nike gadget), pace, and lastly your Nike fuel points.

Are there any fitness classes you guys have been taking?
xoxo, Kiki

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HUGE Announcement!


I HAVE MY VERY OWN CANDLE! What the What??? If you guys don't follow me on Instagram you wouldn't know, BUT my favorite candle company Soy in Love Scents gave me an opportunity to make my very own candle! The candle is called Breakfast at Kiki's. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! The candle is a fall scent with hint of cinnamon and sugar. Good News, if that blend isn't something for you I will be creating another candle thats coming out sometime next week for Christmas!!

xoxo, Kiki
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