Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I purchased Today (Thank You Grandma!)

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I went shopping today and I purchased a few beauty items.

1. The Rockateur Boxed powder $28.00
On the box it is described as a Provacative Powder and it has a show-stopping flush. This is so pretty and it looks very natural and it smells like roses! Its great for young girls that are starting out with makeup or really anyone in general. 
2.  Primed for Lovin' limited edition kit $42.00 the kit is worth $92.00
This kit comes with a full size of the Porefessional, High Beam, and There Real Mascara. It also comes with a sample size of the Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss.
3. I got this item completely FREE! It is their Stay Fabulous Mirror. Its a leather covered mirror. How I got it for free: I was the makeup artist's first sale:)

Victoria's Secret- Am I the only one who can't leave the mall without a bag of items from Victoria's Secret??? Well they were having a sale if you buy a one ounce or ore  Eau De Perfume you get a free makeup bag. They sell this bag in the store and it is worth 16.00 and you get it FREE!!
1.  Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Perfume $56.00 This was their number 1 selling perfume last year. It smells wonderful. I don't even know how to describe this scent.
2. The Victoria's Secret makeup bag $16.00

Bath And Body Works 

1. Loufa $3.50 This smells amazing. I would have bought one from the drugstore but I knew I was going to forget to purchase it if I dint but it right there right then. 

2. C.O Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm $7.50
This is my favorite lip balm of all time!! I will keep on repurchasing this item until I find something better!

3. Mini Leaves Candle-  $4.50
 I think if you watch Youtube videos you automatically associate Leaves with a beauty guru. Such a wonderful scent.

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