Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy December! Black Friday Beauty Haul!

      I can't believe 2013 is almost over! I know beauty bloggers always says this but its true. It still feels like June! LOL. Wow, ok. If you didn't know this, every year since I was two I've been going Black Friday shopping with my Grandma (Isabel) and my Aunt (Titi, her name isn't Titi its Tina but we call her Titi). 
        I went to 4 stores but I am going to do a fashion haul soon and they will be mentioned then. The four stores I went to were Macys, Pacsun, Ulta and Bath and Body Works. In this haul I will be showing you ladies what I got from Ulta and Bath and Body Works. 


1. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque (sample) $4.00 - Oh my goodness, this product is so hyped and raved about on YouTube and beauty blogs everywhere. I've finally decided to Hop on the bandwagon! My hair has been very dry and blah so I hope this helps my hair out. 

2. Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips $9.99 - I used these for the first time yesterday and they did clear a few of my blackheads! 

3. Tarte LipSurgence Skintutive lip tint in Energy $24.00- What this does is it finds your skins ph and energy level and you get the perfect shade of pink. 

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics $27- this and the Tarte lippie are the two things that I have wanted for such a long time and finally I kept them in my cart at Ulta.

Bath and Body Works

1. Foaming Hand Soaps 4 for $20.00 each are $5.00 or without the sale they are $5.00 . I got 1'Tis The Season, 1 Kitchen Lemon, 1 Sea Island Cotton and  1 Peach Bellini. 

2. Shower Gel usally $12.50 each try we're having a special where you buy 3 and get 3 free so I got 3 other lotions. I had a coupon to get any full size product free so I got 1 Amber Blush,1 Winter Candy Apple, 1 Cranberry Twinkle and 1  Merry Marshmellow Kiss. 

3. Travel size Shower Gel in Beautiful Day I had a coupon to get a free travel size item so I got Beautiful Day. If you didn't have a coupon it would be $5.00

4. Lotions $12.50 each but I got them as part of the buy 3 get 3 free sale. I got 1 Winter Candy Apple,  1 Cranberry Twinkle and a Winter Candy Apple Tripple Moisture Cream. I also got the Winter Candy Apple hand lotion for $2.50 and those are usually $5.00. 

5. Hand Sanitizers $1.50- $1.75 they were having a 5 for $5.00 sale so I got 10 and my grandma gave me one:) In the hand Sanitizers I got 3 Winter Candy Apple (shocker!) LOL, 1 Farmstand Apple,  1 'Tis The Season, 1 Fresh Strawberries, 1 Japanese Cherry Blossom, 1 Pink Sugarplum, 1 Paris Amour, 1 Pink Chiffon and 1 Midnight Pomegranate. 

6. 3 Mini Candles 3 for $10.00 or $4.50 each. I love these minis to try out the scents. I got 1 Winter Candy Apple, 1 Cranberry Pear Bellini, 1 Sparkling Icicles and 1 Black Tie.

7. 6 3-wick candles 2 for $22.00 or $20 each. I got 2 Winter Candy Apples, 1 'Tis The Season, 1 Spiced Ape Toddy, 1 The Sunshine State and 1 Stress Relief. 

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