Sunday, December 1, 2013

NYX Lip Gloss Review

Holla Chicas,
I hope you guys have  had a wonderful day and a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Am I the only one that is super excited for Christmas ?!?! Well, today I will be reviewing the NYX Butter Gloss and Mega Shine Lip gloss. I honestly love both of these products they are pigmented and they feel super great on the lips I am a huge fan of glosses and lip balms and these are part of my top ten lippies. These  puppies are phenomenal if they were able to make that list because I am a complete lippie junkie well a complete makeup junkie. LOL.

NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream- 

NYX has a large color variety in almost all of their products which I really like about the brand. I decided to try out Peaches and Cream because I think that this color looks really nice against my skin tone. I first heard about these glosses on Youtube. These are super hyped and I defiantly think they are worth all of the hype they receive. They feel like like butter on your lips. They are super pigmented and they smell like candy!

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige and Tea Rose-

These lip glosses have a larger color variety than any other NYX lippies. Quite frankly, I still haven't expanded from the pinks. What can I say I am a neutral girl:) The NYX glosses are super shiny and feel so nice on the lips. During this time of the year I prefer Beige because it looks so great with Lighter skin tones. I think that Tea Rose looks good on any skin tone. I defiantly use Tea Rose more than Beige.

I hope you guys enjoyed my NYX Lip Gloss Review. I will talk to you ladies later.

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  1. Kiki, what a great review! I too am a big fan of the NYX glosses & also prefer the pink & nude tones! Neutrals are fabulous & are über-complimentary on virtually all skin tones. Yes these glosses are super color-saturated and "buttery", as you say! But you know what I love the most about them? They cost under $10, which means I can buy every fabulous is that?!!