Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolutions + Goodbye 2013

             New Years Eve. The time when my family stays up till 12, which for me used to be a struggle but is now a horrible habit. My parents drink champagne and I drink my preferred sparkling grape juice. A time when most people dress up but for my family we prefer to be casual.  We lounge around on the couch and watch the ball drop and watch the festivities before and after.

            I can't believe that it's 2014. The start of a new year. 4 fancy numbers to represent 365 days. Some people may say 2014 is going to be "my year" or 2013 was horrible I hope 2014 is a better year. I have to say  for me 2013 wasn't a bad year at all. 

            In 2013 my baby sister Brooklynn was born, Ive become closer to my mother, grandmother and aunt than I ever have been, and I created this blog. I have achieved many other things as well. Not to say the 2013 was perfect it did have some bumps in the road. No more speak of 2013 now let's talk about my New Years Resolutions! 

           Ive never been one to follow my new years resolutions. I give them about three days and then my excuses kick into full gear. I am completely determined for that to be different this year. I really want to accomplish these things. Not as a "life diet" but a lifestyle. Ok that sound super cheesy but whatever. 

1. Save money 
2. Exercise more 
3. Become even closer to my family and God
4. Eat Better 
5. Be more optimistic
6. Get good grades
7. Be the best beauty blogger that I can be 

           What did you do on New Years eve? What are your new years resolutions? I'd love to hear them so leave them down below:) 

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xoxo, Kiki

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