Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bath and Body Works Semi- Annual Sale

            Jeez, the last couple of posts that I've done on my blog have been hauls! Shopaholic? Yes, I know.... Yet again giving into my shopping craving I went to the mall yesterday for the usual after Christmas sales. 

             I stopped at was Bath and Body Works to check out the Semi-Annual Sale. They had up to 75% off. The 3- wick candles were 50% off totaling them to about $10 each. The mason jar candles were $6.25 each with the 50% discount. 
             I was actually surprised with my candle picks because I am NOT a fan of bakery or sickeningly sweets scents. But I am a fan of fruit and musky/sexy man scents 😂. I got the Blackberry Spice and Sparkling Icicles candles in the Mason Jar form. Blackberry Spice smells like sweet fruits with musk. Speaking of musk, Sparkling Icicles smells like strait-up sexy man😎😂.  I got two scents that when I first smelled them when they first came out I thought that I was going to throw-up. I couldn't stand the smell of pumpkin nor bakery scent. I have to say that when I smelled the Pumpkin Cupcake one it's smelled pretty nice. Not too sweet and not two pumpkiny. The Cider Donut Candle smells like apples, cinnamon with the perfect sweet bakery note. 
            I hope you guys enjoyed another haul. If you have and requests please feel free to comment them below! I would love some inspiration! 

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