Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Be Happy Friends!

so it's currently 3:06 in the morning. I refuse to sleep, it's my mothers birthday and I don't feel like using punctuation marks . but I have to bc if I don't it will look like a soup paragraph. if that's even a thing. I kinda just wanted to express my feelings on being happy. I was scrolling threw a friends ig and I saw that she lied to me about something she invited me to and then flaked on me and said that she wasn't going when it turned out she did go. I was starting to get upset and then I realized ....  screw her. the past is in the past and what's the point about getting mad over something I can't control. there's no point about getting mad about something that honestly doesn't matter at all. She's done this so many times and I've gotten disappointed but I've realized I can't keep letting her decide my mood for the rest of the day. If it was any ol' person I would drop her as a friend but I'm not quite ready to do that. But I am ready to change the way I allow other peoples actions effect me. I am really passionate about this subject which if I haven't made quite clear is just being happy and doing YOU! Life is short and you aren't a cat so you only do get to live it once lol! so why not live life like that? When I have that "YOLO" mindset I ALWAYS have the best days!

I think that it's very important to just be happy and get rid of the people that are always bringing you down! I know that personally I only hang around people that with encourage me and impower me to be the best ME! I'm learning not to waste my time negative energy just because I find that when I'm negative it really doesn't help the situation at all. But when I'm positive and I always look at the positive side of things I feel so Much better! 

It feels really good to just write down my feelings and express myself!

I love you all and you are all phenomenal people! 

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