Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OPI I Theadora You: nail swatch!

          OPI  I Theadora You is the perfect light pink color. I've been looking for this type of color for the longest and I could never find it. In most of the polishes that I've tried, the light colors are super sheer and you need to apply like 5 coats to get some color; it becomes thick and goopy and just an all around big mess. But, with this color I applied two coats and the color isn't sheer and I do get a noticeable light pink. As an accent nail I applied Polka • com by OPI and it looks darker in the picture but it's just a fuschia and turquoise chunky glitter. With one swipe you get a variety of the two different color glitters. 

       I definitely suggest purchasing I Theadora You by OPI. It's a great light pink color that looks great on all skin tones. Most of the time my manicures will have a glitter accent nail. Yes, I know I am a huge glitter junky. I'll admit it, I impulse buy glitter nail polishes AND I have to say that Polka • com is one of my favorite glitters. 

      I am always looking for new nail polishes, if you have any suggestions on a good polish please let me know. Have you tried any of the polishes that I mentioned or do you have one of them in your collection? 

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