Thursday, January 16, 2014

My favorite Youtubers and Bloggers =)

 If you guys didn't know I am kinda- sorta-maybe totally obsessed with YouTube videos. Since I've been watching lots of videos lately I figured that maybe you guys would like to know my favorite Youtubers! By the way, this isn't in order it's pretty much the first person that comes to mind =)

1. Makeupbytiffanyd
2. Makeup by Mandy 24 
3. Maddi Bragg 
4. Kathleen lights 
5. Missglamorazzi 
6. Meganrossette 
7. Marrisalace 
8. Beauty baby 44
9. Lindsey Albanese 
10. Kacie Layne 
11. Andrea Matilliano 
12. Haute brilliance 
13. Nikki Phillippi 
14. Eleventh gorgeous 
15. Elle Fowler 
16. Jaaackjack 
17. Zoella 
18. Fleur de force 
19. Glamlifeguru
20. Macbabrbie07 
21. Stillababe09 

I love all of these lovely ladies! They are dedicated and great gurus. Btw, all of these ladies film beauty and fashion videos on YouTube. Who are your favorite Youtubers? I'd love to know! Let me know below! Thanks for reading! 

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